Rev. Katherine Gould Epperly, D.Min.

Christian Reiki Healing

Reiki class session.

Christian reiki healing touch is a form of hands-on holistic healing for body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

Learning to hold one’s intention for the healing of another (or yourself) through Christian reiki healing touch, like any other type of prayer, involves consciously opening oneself to God’s Spirit in the name (or the way) of Jesus the Healer, and then, learning how to focus this flow of the Spirit’s healing energy through your hands.

Although perseived by some as “esoteric” in its East-West origins and three levels of teaching and practice, (Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and Reiki Level 3 or Master Teaching Level), the practice of Christian reiki healing touch in itself is a relatively simple type of intercessory prayer in which the Spirit brings healing and wholeness to persons in a way that is both quite mysterious and beautiful.

The Divine healing mediated by reiki healing touch is is not something that anyone can try to control. Once bidden, the Spirit goes where it needs to go to open the recipient to what Celtic theology would call Christ’s “glow flow” of love and light.

While dramatic cures may happen, most persons respond to reiki treatments in gradual and incremental ways. A full fifty-minute reiki “treatment” from a Level 2 or 3 practitioner of reiki healing touch involves light touch along a series pre-set locations on the head and torso. Reiki touch can always be applied at additional points along the limbs of the body.

For many “lay” practitioners of Christian reiki healing touch, its most common daily use is for “spot” relief of localized pain, congestion, or emotional or physical trauma.

“Spot” reiki can become a part of one’s daily spiritual practices for self-care. It has been my experience that the daily application of reiki enhances one’s sense of overall well-being and energy for life; boosts one’s immune system; decreases chronic pain; and accelerates the healing process of wounds and other injuries.

At the second level of training, in which one learns “long distance” reiki healing prayer, one can “send” reiki healing touch to distant family, friends, and church members who often report palpably sensing one’s spiritual companionship even if they haven’t had a chance to consciously open themselves to receiving it.

Over the past fifteen years my husband and I have found Christian reiki healing touch to be a vital part of our daily care for our son through common childhood illnesses, healing of fears and anxieties, relieving pain from sports related injuries and, most recently, for accompanying him as a young adult through rigorous chemo treatments for cancer.

Reiki healing touch may be used to respond to any body, mind, or spirit issues or life situations; however, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal of reiki is whole-person healing (wholeness of body, mind, and spirit) and not the cure of diseases.

Reiki healing touch, used in an ethically responsible and appropriately “boundaried” way, can be an effective complement to pastoral care in home, hospital, and nursing home settings. Reiki taught to family members can give persons a special type of “hands on” intimacy with loved ones in the process of death and dying.

Whatever other unknown dimensions of healing may occur with Christian reiki healing touch, persons receiving it usually report an experience a sense of increased personal peace and harmony or a feeling of deep connectedness with God, themselves, and others.

Reiki’s gentle healing touch reminds us that when there cannot be a cure, there can always be a healing—a sense of personal and spiritual wholeness and well-being, even at the moment of death.

To learn more reiki healing touch in the context of Christian ministry, see Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus, co-written with my husband, Dr. Bruce Epperly, or God’s Touch: Faith, Wholeness, and the Healing Miracles of Jesus, written by Dr. Bruce Epperly.